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Asphalt driveways are one of the most popular driveway surfaces mainly because they are durable and easy to repair. Asphalt is a type of pavement that is made of crushed stone and asphalt cement. It is mixed with a liquid binder such as oil, kerosene, or tar, which makes it sticky and helps it to stick to the stones. This mixture is then spread over a bed of gravel and compacted to form a solid surface.

But how long does an asphalt driveway last? Learn more as we’ll talk about this topic in today’s post.


The Average Lifespan Of An Asphalt Driveway

Asphalt driveways can last for many years if they are properly maintained. However, the lifespan of an asphalt driveway will depend on a number of things. To be specific, there are a few factors that can affect how long an asphalt driveway lasts. The most important factor is the type of asphalt that is used. There are three types of asphalt: regular, premium, and super premium. Regular asphalt is the cheapest and has the shortest lifespan, while super premium asphalt is the most expensive but also has the longest lifespan.

Another factor that affects lifespan is how well the driveway is maintained. If it’s not cleaned and sealed regularly, it will start to deteriorate sooner. The climate can also play a role in how long an asphalt driveway lasts. If it’s exposed to a lot of sun or salt, it will wear down faster.

The amount of traffic can also affect the lifespan of the driveway. If it’s constantly being driven on, it will start to show signs of wear and tear sooner.

Moreover, the type of soil underneath can also contribute to the deterioration of the asphalt surface. If the soil is too soft, it can cause the asphalt to sink and crack.

In general, asphalt driveways will last between 15 and 20 years. However, if you live in an area with a lot of snow and ice, your driveway may only last 10 years. Proper maintenance can help extend the life of your asphalt driveway. Be sure to seal cracks and holes as soon as they appear, and keep the surface clean and free of debris.

Asphalt can last for years with proper maintenance. It resists weathering, staining, and fading, and it doesn’t require much upkeep. If you take care of your asphalt driveway, it will last for many years.

To keep your asphalt driveway looking its best, it’s important to sweep it regularly and to remove any dirt, leaves, or debris that accumulate on the surface. You should also seal your driveway every few years to protect it from the elements and to keep it looking new. With proper care, an asphalt driveway can last for decades.


What Can You Do To Extend The Lifespan Of Your Asphalt Driveway?

There are a few things you can do to help extend the lifespan of your asphalt driveway:

  • Make sure to regularly sweep and clean your driveway to remove any debris or dirt that can damage the surface.
  • Avoid parking on your driveway whenever possible, as this can cause wear and tear.
  • If possible, try to use a driveway mat or cover to help protect the surface from oil and other spills.
  • Be sure to seal your driveway every few years to help protect it from the elements. Sealing your driveway helps to protect it from the elements and prevents cracking and other damage. It is also important to have your driveway cleaned regularly in order to remove any dirt or debris that could potentially damage it.

With proper care, an asphalt driveway can last for many years. However, it is important to keep in mind that all driveways will eventually need to be replaced. If you have any concerns about the condition of your driveway, be sure to contact a professional for an inspection.


Hiring A Professional Contractor Is Still The Best Way To Keep Your Asphalt Driveway Serviceable For Many Years

Hiring a professional contractor is the best way to ensure that your driveway is serviceable for years to come.

Professional contractors have the experience and knowledge necessary to install your driveway properly and to maintain it over time. They will also be able to advise you on the type of asphalt that is best suited for your needs and climate, especially if you hire a trusted paving company like JR Paving in Pittsburgh. By choosing a professional contractor, you can rest assured knowing that your driveway will be in good hands.



Overall, an asphalt driveway can last for many years with proper maintenance. However, if you do not take care of it, you may find that it will need to be replaced sooner than you had anticipated. Therefore, it is important to consult with a professional contractor in order to ensure that your driveway lasts as long as possible. By doing so, you can avoid having to replace your driveway prematurely.

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