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Brick pavers are the perfect way to give any outdoor area a classic and stylish look, from driveways to patios. With so many different paver patterns available, however, it can be difficult knowing which one is right for you. Luckily, armed with the right information and some creative flair, designing unique paver patterns has never been easier: transforming your outdoor space into something truly stunning.

Read more as we’ll talk about some of the most common brick paver patterns to choose from in today’s post.


The Most Common Types Of Paver Patterns

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Create a timeless, classic look with the “running bond” pattern for brick pavers. This is widely used to construct walkways and patios alike. Bricks are organized in rows that form an alternating offset formation – like half-bricks stacked on top of each other – forming a repetitive style unrivaled by any other technique. Homeowners from all corners of the globe have been drawn to this uncomplicated yet effective design.

A second type of pattern is the “modular” one, which consists of tiles or smaller squares that fit together to form elaborate designs such as stars, circles and diamonds. This style can be adapted to almost any size space since it locks securely together; thus minimizing the risk of cracking or shifting. If you are looking for something extra special for your brickwork, then this may be it.

The basket-weave pattern is an excellent choice for adding a unique texture. As the name implies, it creates a woven effect composed of long and short sections of brick, resulting in a look almost like miniature fabric strands—perfect for pathways or lining flower beds and shrubbery gardens! It’s also great if you’re looking to be creative with your design, since there are plenty of opportunities to create something truly special.

Last, but certainly not least, is the herringbone pattern which utilizes large bricks placed in a diagonal direction, either left or right, to create an exquisite and eye-catching design. Complementing this style with darker colored pavers can instantly add sophistication to any area without sacrificing its strength and resilience.


Tips For Choosing The Right Pattern For Your Home Or Business

Selecting the ideal brick paver pattern for your home or business may be a difficult choice. With numerous components to consider, ranging from the overall layout of the space to climate and weather conditions in your locality, it can be overwhelming. But by taking the time to properly research and plan, you will find exactly what you need.

Before deciding on a brick paver pattern for your space, it is essential to consider the function of the area and potential weather effects. Do you need something that will be used as a walkway or patio? Would you prefer more structural or decorative properties in this design? Reflecting upon these questions can help guide you towards selecting an ideal pattern for any given circumstance.

When it comes to designing with brick pavers, you have a plethora of impressive patterns from which to choose. Consider the running bond, basketweave, herringbone, Fleur-de-lis, and cobblestone styles for an eye-catching look that brings your space alive! It is essential to pick the pattern that best caters to your needs since each one radiates a distinct character.

After settling on the right pattern, you must consider your regional climate and weather. If extreme temperatures are commonplace in your area, then selecting a brick paver pattern that can handle those conditions is essential. The herringbone and basketweave patterns are ideal for such hot climates since they overlap to form an unyielding seal against heat or cold.

Not only should you consider the weather when choosing a brick paver pattern, but it is also essential to take into account the size of your area. While some designs are best used in large outdoor spaces, others can effectively be utilized in more compacted regions. If you are not 100% sure which design is right for your place, seeking advice from an expert is always recommended.

Having thought about each of these elements, it is time to start looking for the ideal brick paver pattern! With so many different choices available, you can be confident that you will locate the best one for your house or business.


Who Should Take Care Of The Installation

Professional brick paver installers are a must when it comes to any project. They not only have the expertise and experience necessary for successful installation, but also understand which materials will work best for your job site. They comprehend industry standards and techniques that help guarantee the longevity of your new paving system – something DIY enthusiasts cannot compete with. Professional installers are the key to having beautiful, long-lasting pavers. So contact Install Brick Pavers in Orlando, FL today to get started.



All in all, now have a better understanding of the different options when it comes to laying bricks and creating attractive paver patterns. With these valuable insights, creating eye-catching designs that will last should be effortless! Whether you prefer a classic or modern style – you can now craft elegant brick arrangements with ease.

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